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Our youth ministry is full of life, and there is always something going on! We have free food, games, music and an inspirational message every single week.


We are unashamedly Christian and we really believe that Jesus can transform lives; however, we'll never force our beliefs onto anyone or cause anybody to feel excluded because of their own personal beliefs, religion or background.


We connect with a huge range of young people, whether you’ve grown up in church all your life, or whether you’ve never set foot in a church – our youth ministry is for you! Open to all high school aged students.


At 'The Valley' we have a team of adult volunteers to make sure every young person is safe and included! Each member of our team has a valid Working With Children Check, and have completed the appropriate child safety training required to become a leader within a Youth Ministry. We also have leaders on-site with their first aid certificates and our Youth Pastor has completed his Bachelor of Theology and has 10 years experience in Youth Work.


Lewis Jonker

Team Leader


Josh Corkill

2IC / Music Director


Sienna Corkill

2IC / Senior Girls


Caleb Bryant

Junior Boys


Jarrod Tonkin

Junior Boys


Zach Bryant

Junior Boys


Ashleigh Crutcher

Junior Girls


Jodie Mclean

Junior Girls


Beth Thomas

Senior Girls


Eternity Haak

Junior Girls


Emily Thompson

Junior Girls


Daniel Dawes

Senior Boys


Josh Kay

Senior Boys


Alice Rosee

Senior Girls


Jaymie Jarvis

Senior Girls


Maddy Courtney

Senior Girls


Maddie Moore

Junior Girls

_MG_0256 copy_edited.jpg

Grace Muddle

Junior Girls

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